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Courses and Seminars

FP Business Services has over 20 years experience of managing businesses and providing support to those running their own business. We offer a wide range of training opportunities that can help you improve the way you manage and develop your business.

Who are they for?

All courses are ideal for start-ups as well as more experienced business owners. The courses use real life examples and information which any business can use to help them at any stage of their growth.

What do they offer?

The individual seminars are constructed to complement each other and provide a practical range of tools, advice and information for local businesses. The courses have been designed to provide examples of free and low cost solutions which will give business owners resources which they can implement in their own businesses.

Each course works on its own, but also provides links and signposting into others in the group to show the need to understand the various skills and tools required to run a business. They also highlight the importance of having an understanding of the key areas required to run a successful business. They offer practical and not theory based classroom exercises.

How will you benefit?

You will leave with a better knowledge of the topics covered, an improved understanding of ways to take your own business forward, and will have a range of tools, techniques and resources which have been proven to work with real businesses.

  • Business Planning and Fund Raising
  • Sales Strategy
  • Innovate your business
  • Crowdfunding
  • Cashflow Management
  • Effective Credit Control
  • Understanding Financial Accounts
  • Online Tools For Business

To discuss or enquire about any of the courses, please email or call to get a copy of the most recent course materials.

“Peter Andrew is a great trainer he has practical experience and good knowledge about the subject”Workshop Participant