Business Consultancy Services

We work with entrepreneurs, business owners, and creative innovators

We provide proactive support to businesses who want to use new methods tools and practices to help them achieve success.

Our energy and enthusiasm will help you build and develop the best business model for your needs.

We have over 20 years experience of inspiring new and growing micro enterprises to adopt best and latest practice.

We love innovation and new processes which help you trade and operate more effectively.


We specialise in developing short projects with clients and partners to deliver results for your business. We don’t just provide reports and recommendations – we offer a package of training, resources and tools to help you take your business forward.


We can help you see the bigger picture, expand your audience and develop successful ongoing relationships.

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We pride ourselves in keeping on top of the latest thinking and tools to help businesses achieve their goals. We understand entrepreneurs and look to empower you so that your business can adapt and thrive in a fast moving world.


We have hundreds of tools, hints and tips which we love to share with our friends and clients. If you follow us or sign up to our newsletter to get access to this information that will help your business in a range of different ways.

Knowledge Zone


We offer a range of seminars which are based 20 years experience of helping, supporting, working with and running businesses. We offer free and low cost solutions which will give you resources to implement in your own businesses.


All courses are ideal for start-up businesses as well as more experienced business owners.

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